About Probe Lab

Probe Lab is an independent laboratory dedicated to the development and practice of mobile medical and educational software in the field of ultrasonography. Our mission is to promote the development of ultrasonography through passion, rigor, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. That mission covers  our website, applications, and services.

Www.probe-lab.com is the official website of the Probe Lab, which provides information about the work plans, development progress and other relevant information of the lab and accepts relevant advice.

About Me

M.S. in Medical Technology | APP Developer | Attending physician |  Lecturer | Founder of Probe Lab

Sonograhper [Abdomen, OB/Gyn, Cardiovascular, Carotid, Small Parts, FAST, etc.]

Focus on mobile application development and data modeling in ultrasound medicine, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence research in ultrasound medicine.

Service:  Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, Reviewer

Philosophy of Probe Lab 

The important thing is to choose, The difficulty is to stick.
Since doing it, then down to earth, do our best to do things well.